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Sunday, March 2, 2014 @ 7:17 am by pgmbc

How to Join / Member Registration

Registration to the PGMBC-Cobb community center is open to everyone interested in fellowshipping and being endowed with the Word as it’s delivered @ the Grove. Prior to joining you’re asked to review our Terms of Service & Privacy Statements to ensure you’re aware of documented process which governs the PGMBC Community Center.

Registration Form
1. To start hover your mouse over the Welcome Center  Community Center  Register.

2. Simply complete the form fields as listed in the registration form.

3. When finished make sure you check to agree to the Terms of Service and click the “Complete Sign Up” button to submit the request. You should get the following message:

4. Once complete an email is generated signaling creation of the account. Check your email for the following:

6. Click the link to activate your account:

7. You’re advised of a successful activation.

8. Check your email for another email confirming creation of your account.

9. This email confirms the the newly created PGMBC-Cobb member account.

10. Click the “log in” link to be taken to the login form where you can log in with the account information provided during registration.

11. Upon logging in you’re re-directed to your member profile.capimg10

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